How do you make a user-centric product without talking to users?

Never before has the term “user experience” been part of the corporate business lexicon. Companies with digital products or services, in particular, recognize, in one way or another, the importance and relevance of this topic for the success of their businesses.

However, from the point of recognizing the importance of…

Is it preferable to be proactive or reactive?

Never before has there been so much talk or writing about digital transformation in 2020. Much because of “that thing we all know what it is” 🦠 society in general and many companies in particular were forced (that’s the word) to stop whistling to the side or kicking the topic…

Thinking about the process more than the output

It is common to say in design, especially in the user experience (UX) discipline, that there are no magic formulas that work for all projects, especially when we talk about the design process associated with each challenge. Talking about design is talking about process, this is an unquestionable truth. …

Think more about the strategy than the calendar

It is not uncommon for the daunting deadlines of many projects to be the terror of any design team. Due to the pressure and accelerated transformation that the design discipline has had to follow in recent years, digital projects are one of the areas where the pressure of deadlines is…

Ruben Ferreira Duarte

Hi. My name is Ruben Ferreira Duarte and I am a portuguese UX/UI Designer, currently living in Lisbon (Portugal).

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