Let’s talk about the future of design?

Table with work tools
Table with work tools
© Hunter Haley

Not infrequently, in this or that debate or article, we have witnessed the exercise of trying to imagine what the digital industry will look like in the future and more specifically what should be the skills of designers, be it UX or any other discipline, in this industry of the future.

The recent past has shown that the future is a strange place, or rather, at least uncertain. …

A scale to measure evolution

© Alessia Cocconi

The word maturity, in whatever context, has associated with it, as a rule, a meaning very much around the growth process of something. It is common to see the term related to the maturity that people acquire over their lifetime.

However, the term maturity in association with the discipline of UX, can also be associated with the assessment of the evolution stage of any company, given the education and involvement with the discipline of user experience in what are its practices and dynamics.

Measure maturity

When we talk about measuring maturity in a company’s UX discipline, a number of fundamental questions may…

It’s easier than it seems to test with users.

One scary man
One scary man
© Stefano Pollio

The importance in the area of ​​user experience (UX) of testing the solutions of each digital product through usability tests is today absolutely undeniable. Whether due to the increasing complexity of these digital products, their adaptation to everyday processes and needs, or even the digitization of many companies’ business areas, it means that these products, if they want to be successful, cannot live disconnected from what they is the real feedback from your users.

However, the practice of many contexts, be they business or public, tends to devalue the need to involve users in the dynamics of evaluation. For several…

The whole team speaks the same language

© Edho Pratama

Any team, especially a design team, more than the simple sum of talents, it is important that it reflects in its essence, a unique identity. A particular form, as far as possible, unique and unrepeatable, which allows the team to face any and all design challenges.

Building an identity as a team is far from being an exact science. This identity depends not only on the people who compose it, who are in all cases essential to any team, but also a lot of its processes, tools, rituals, artefacts and context in which it is inserted. Whether in a digital…

A journey that merges with the country’s history

Pencil in table
Pencil in table
© Tamanna Rumee

The recent history of design in Portugal in general and graphic design, in particular, is certainly still to be written. In other words, it is a story that is written every day, thanks to the work, often in difficult contexts, of thousands of professionals and teams. It is a story that she is looking for her own story. From borders and styles in exploration and still dealing with the question of identity, whether or not there is a unique “national style” for Portuguese graphic design.

In addition to the identity debates on Portuguese graphic design, there is also a challenge…

Some ideas for your next collection of interface icons

© Romina Veliz

The icons are, without a doubt, one of the most used graphic elements today in the interface design of digital products. And to make this statement with some degree of certainty, we do not even need a very robust statistical analysis. Just remember the interface of that application where we just ordered a transport, last night when we saw a movie through an online platform or even the most recent visit we made to our homebanking. The truth is that icons are everywhere in our daily lives, on or offline.

It is also true that in terms of their design…

Concepts that can never be forgotten when talking about design systems

© Ana Rute Costa

Anyone who knows a little about the concept of design systems will know that this approach is not, near or far, a theme only for designers or developers. It is something that should involve all product teams, from beginning to end of any methodology, whether in an initial phase or in the development of each new functionality.

All teams at the table

All teams, be they design, development, project management, business, sales, customer support, etc., must be called upon to collaborate in the construction of the product design system, greatly enriching the final result.

Each of these teams knows the product from a different perspective…

The network of educational entities linked to the teaching of creativity in Portugal

© Jordan Madrid

The title of this text could not be more misleading by placing “teaching” and “creativity” in the same sentence. As a matter of fact, the text does not talk about teaching creativity in itself, but about many of the schools in Portugal and in various areas of creativity, have contributed with their educational proposals for this purpose.

Creativity definition

The term “creativity” itself cannot be said to be easy to define. It is often used simply to describe a particular industry, usually associated with areas related to the communication dimension. However, there are also views arguing that “creativity” can and should be…

The importance of intranets as spaces for collaborative work in teams

© Lindsay Henwood

It is interesting to see how in recent times intranets have regained their space as working tools for teams. When asked if “do we still need intranets?” it can be tempting to immediately answer “no.” But if we look at internets with a more careful view, more focused on their potential instead of what they have been, it will not be difficult to see that the added value for team dynamics and companies could be immense.

In a very simple historical analysis of these tools and their importance, it is easy to see that there were times when no company…

Precautions to be considered to make a video call really effective and useful

© Charles Deluvio

The increase in remote work teams naturally brings an exponential increase in video call meetings. For example in the 2019 Impact of Video Report Conferencing Report from Lifesize is reported that 51% of participants of the study, already make video calls from home. This is an amazing communication and collaborative work tool but also has its challenges.

Contrary to what one might think, video call meetings are much more difficult to manage than any face-to-face meeting. …

Ruben Ferreira Duarte

Hi. My name is Ruben Ferreira Duarte and I am a portuguese UX/UI Designer, currently living in Lisbon (Portugal). www.everythinks.pt

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